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SAT II Subject Tests:

Edison Prep currently offers individual SAT Subject Tutoring for the following:
Math IC, Math IIC, Literature, Spanish, Spanish with Listening

Our AP History Bootcamps also help prepare students for the SAT II World History and SAT II US History subject tests.

The SAT Subject Tests (also known as SAT IIs) are mandatory for admission at most of the nation's elite colleges and "strongly recommended" by many schools in the US News & World Report's Top 25 National Universities. It is generally advisable for a student to get his or her SAT score to a 1370+ (all 3 sections) for schools that require SAT IIs before switching focus away from the SAT I, since a score lower .

For coursework-based tests, such as the two history tests and the three science tests, taking an SAT II at the completion of the class in May or June is a good idea, even if that class occurs early in a student's high school career (provided that the student invests the time to study!).
Scheduling Recommendations:
SAT Subject Tutoring Sessions are 2 hours long and should be spaced to allow adequate time for practice tests to be completed.

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A la carte:  $130 / hour (includes all necessary materials for SAT Subject Test tutoring)
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If you are interested in purchasing a package of 12 or more hours of SAT II Subject Test Tutoring and/or have further questions about SAT Subject Test tutoring, please contact us at edison@edisonprep.com or call 404-333-8573. Thanks!