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AP United States History Bootcamp (APUSH Bootcamp) 2018:
Date: Sat. April 28 & Sun. April 29, 2018 (Students enroll specifically in one of the two dates. Identical course material each day.)
Time: 9:30am-5:30pm
Price: $195
Location: Sandy Springs, GA 30328 (We rent conference center space at two hotels < 1 mi from Edison Prep's office)

Materials included: Edison Prep’s AP History handouts and an AP History Review Book for studying after the bootcamp
Additional benefits: After the workshop, students can submit a sample DBQ essay to be graded by a College Board AP Reader and receive commentary on how to improve their free response essays. This bootcamp will also help prepare students who will be taking the SAT II Subject Test in US History in either May or June.  

Note: Students who sign up far in advance of the bootcamp are more than welcome to pick up a copy of the APUSH book we give them in order to help them with their APUSH grade throughout the year.  The book ties very closely to the rubric followed in APUSH classes.

Fact: Over 50% of the the last two years' APUSH Bootcamp attendees achieved a score of 5 on the AP exam or a 780-800 (out of 800) on the SAT II US History Subject Test!

Testimonials from Past APUSH Bootcamp Attendees:
  • "We were able to cover so much information in so little time. Greg was a very impressive teacher that was really enthusiastic and knew his stuff! It was awesome."
  • "Really great, I'm so glad I did it, it will be the best review I have before the exam."
  • "I would recommend Greg's class to every one of my underclassmen friends for next year. His keen sense of humor was funny enough to make every single minute seem like fun."
  • "Having the packet that followed along with each PowerPoint slide was very helpful.  And sending in my sample DBQ essay for grading will be really helpful in improving my essay score." 
  • "It was perfectly timed about 3 weeks before the exam.  The practice DBQ question that he gave us was almost exactly the same as one of our FRQ choices!!!!"

About the Instructor: 

Mr. Hudson has been teaching AP United States History in Des Moines, Iowa for eleven years.  In addition to being a College Board-approved AP Reader (grader), he is also the President of the AP Council for Valley High School, a top high school in the state of Iowa.  

Mr. Hudson is a scholar of the test, dissecting each year's exam for the benefit of his future students; one of his hobbies is prognosticating what he believes each year's essay topics will be.  He also teaches US and European History as an adjunct professor at an area college.  

As part of the workshop, Mr. Hudson gives students an opportunity to submit a sample essay (a "DBQ") for feedback on how to improve their essay prior to the exam.  (The essay is distributed at the bootcamp.)

The students in his AP classes have done very well; over 90% of his students have passed the exam with over 2/3 having received a score of 4 or 5 on the exam. 

Mr. Hudson has a refreshing multi-dimensional style of teaching that does not focus on the boring recitation of facts.  The bootcamp incorporates multiple learning activities that use actual past AP exams, effective writing strategies, and electronic clickers that keep students engaged while they are learning some of the techniques that will be discussed during the bootcamp.  The history content portions are interspersed between the strategy and essay-writing portions of the bootcamp to maintain a lively atmosphere and to utilize real examples during the pedagogical portions.

General Structure of the APUSH Bootcamp: 
Note: The strategic portions and the lecture portions will be interspersed in order to keep the bootcamp engaging and fun.   

1. Test Strategy & Overview:
  • Overview of the Exam
  • Multiple Choice Strategy
  • Test Timing and Stamina
2. Free-Response Strategy:
  • FRQ and Short Response Question Strategy
  • Thesis Writing
  • Introductory Paragraphs
  • Document Usage
  • Body Paragraphs
3. Review Lectures:
  • Colonial History
  • The Early Republic
  • The Antebellum and Civil War Period
  • Emergence of Modern America
  • Boom, Bust and War (1920s-1940s)
  • Modern America
4. Analyzing Writing Samples from Actual Previous AP tests:
  • Scoring and Critique
  • In-depth analysis
Lunch and What to Bring:
Students should bring a sack lunch; a casual AP History review activity will take place while students relax during lunch.
Students should also bring pens/highlighters to take notes with. 
  • To Enroll:
    Your student can reserve a spot by paying via check or credit card.  Enrollment is first-come, first-serve.  

    To send a check, please mail the check to:
    Edison Prep, LLC, PO Box 28903, Atlanta, GA 30358
    If mailing a check, please note which day is desired on the check memo line.  

    Purchase Saturday Bootcamp:

    Purchase Sunday Bootcamp:

    After purchasing, please send the following details to us at edison@edisonprep.com to complete your registration:
    • Student name
    • Student high school name
    • Student email address (reminders will be sent to both student and parent email addresses)
Class Cancellation Policy / Refunds: Group classes are refundable as long as Edison Prep is notified of such changes via email no later than 1 week (7 days) before the bootcamp. After that point, the group fee becomes non-refundable as materials have been purchased/printed and potential students turned away.

Call 404-333-8573 or email edison@edisonprep.com.