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ACT Classes are a new, longer-format course than our traditional ACT Bootcamps. ACT Classes have 18 hours of instruction and allow students to delve more deeply into all of the sections. ACT Classes are optimal for students who are looking for a more affordable alternative to 1-on-1 private tutoring, and/or families who like the accountability and structure of weekly homework assignments over the course of 6-7 weeks. These classes are optimally designed for students with initial ACT scores between 19 and 29. That said, students with scores of 30 are still missing over 40 questions on most test dates and will benefit from the class, and at least 1-2 students in each class typically start off at a score of 30+.

ACT Class Overview:
  • 18 hours of classroom instruction
  • 2 full-length graded and analyzed mock ACT tests (a pre-bootcamp diagnostic test and an intermediate mock test midway through the course)
  • Taught by the company's founders, who published their own ACT Book (now in its 6th edition), who have top 1% scores (including 3 perfect 36's), and who have tutored the ACT for more hours than any other tutors in Georgia. Approximately 25 people out of 50,000+ get a 36 in Georgia each year.  
  • Price: $579 (includes all materials)
  • Location: Edison Prep's Office (5825 Glenridge Drive, Building 1, Suite 109, Atlanta, GA 30328) 
    (more detailed location information and a map is here)
  • More detailed information on the ACT Class is at the very bottom of this page.
Upcoming ACT Classes through June 2017:
ACT Class Description: 
  • The class consists of 18 hours of classroom instruction, as well as two timed, graded mock ACT exams (a diagnostic mock test at the beginning, and a second mock ACT exam midway through the course). Students who do the best tend to do significant homework between the bootcamp and the actual test.
  • For our group classes, we keep classes engaging with two-way material, real-life examples, and short quizzes to test newly-learned concepts.
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to check in with their students weekly to monitor homework progress.  All of our 100+ ACT classes throughout the years have seen the highest-improving person improve at least 5 points more than the lowest-improving person, and homework volume/homework completion is the main driver of that difference.  
  • It is strongly recommended that students take the exam immediately following the course, while the material is fresh.
  • Students are highly recommended to bring a TI-83 or TI-84 model graphing calculator to the class, since strategies for the math section are based on this calculator that most students use. Students who do not use a graphing calculator on the test are at a severe disadvantage on the Math section.
Materials Include:
  • "The Bulb" (Edison Prep's very own ACT guide)
  • 6 real full-length ACTs to practice with after the Bootcamp. If students run out there are easy ways to get many more!
  • Additional Edison Prep handouts and practice materials
What if I miss a group session / have a conflict with one of the dates?
  • The Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednesday classes are not interchangeable; students who sign up for Saturday cannot attend Wednesday some weeks and vice versa. The reason behind this is that classes float at their own pace and greatly diverge as each class passes. Additionally, all but four of our 250+ SAT/ACT classes since 2011 have filled to capacity with a healthy waitlist, so there wouldn't be space even if the curriculum did match up.
  • Two options exist for making up the material: 
    • Option 1: Private tutoring can be purchased to make up a missed group session and/or to supplement group instruction. 
    • Option 2: If a student isn't able to make up a missed group class in a private setting, the homework for each class is always uploaded to our website a day or two after each group session so the student can attempt the homework and hit the ground running at the next class. Because our company is purely word-of-mouth, most students have a classmate in class whom they could copy notes from as well.
    • NOTE: Even if a student had to miss one of the group ACT sessions (3 hours), she/he would receive the remaining 15 hours of group instruction for about 30% of the price of doing an 18-hour individual tutoring package.

ACT Bootcamp Policies:
  • Holding your student's seat: Classes are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, where your payment holds your student’s seat in the class.  As a courtesy, we allow students to hold a spot in the group class for a few days as long as the class is not yet close to full (3 seats or fewer remaining).  However, once a class gets down to 3 or fewer seats remaining, we require payment to continue holding the student's spot. Once a group class is full, a waiting list is established in case a seat opens up.
  • Students are expected to arrive to the mock test and classes on time.
  • Students will be expected to put in at least an equal amount of time outside of class as inside of class in order to cement the material that they have learned and achieve optimal results. For students with lower starting scores and/or very ambitious score increase goals, more time outside of class is especially critical. If a student runs out of tests in their initial spiral that we give them, we are happy to give them another few tests. The volume of timed, graded, and reviewed practice tests matters!
  • Cancellation Policy / Refunds: ACT class payments are refundable and/or students may move into another ACT class with open space as long as Edison Prep is notified of such changes via email no later than 1 week (7 days) before the initial mock test for the given class. After that point, the group fee becomes non-refundable.
Please contact us at edison@edisonprep.com or 404-333-8573 to hold your spot and arrange for payment.